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The Mason Team got started many years ago almost entirely focused on investment properties. It's for this reason we have a much deeper understanding of the real estate market, real estate construction, the mortgage process, and the ins and outs of professional negotiation. We have used this experience to provide better service to all of our customers and we continue to help many of our investors with acquisitions of new investment property, both residential and commercial. We have the tools, analysis methods, and research background to finding the best investments around. We even have access to off market (not listing on any MLS) deals! If starting to invest or building or investment portfolio is in your future we would love to speak with you about being a part of making your goals a reality.

Buying Investment Properties

When you decide to purchase an investment property you are taking control of your financial path and becoming your own boss at the same time. You choose what type of property to invest in, what tenants you will rent to, how much you will charge in rent, and how you will maintain and manage that rental property. The Mason Team has extensive experience with investment properties and will guide you through your acquisitions and will provide current market data and analysis to aide you in your purchasing decisions. We can even help with the management and maintenance of your investment properties. Just ask how! Whether you're looking to buy your very first property, or your 100th, you've landed in the right spot!

Why invest in rental real estate?

Cash Flowing rental properties are a fantastic way to build your investment portfolio, supplement your income or prepare for retirement. The benefits of owning investment properties is a dynamic way to build your wealth - as your tenants not only put money in your pocket every month, they also amortize your mortgage for you. The longer you hold onto your investment property the greater percentage of your monthly payment is allocated towards principal vs. interest, giving you more and more income over time. Investment properties also generate tax write-off's you wouldn't normally qualify for with out owning them. (talk to your trusted tax account to verify potential tax deductions) If these reasons weren't enough to immediately get you excited about investing in real estate, there are many more. We encourage you to come talk with us in person about it in more detail. Buying investment properties is not for everyone, but if it's something you want to do, partnering with an investment focused realtor is a crucial step to make the acquisition a success, and we would be happy to be that partner. Drawing on our historical success and passion for real estate and your desire to invest, we can make it happen!

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