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Ever Wonder Where all That Money Realtors Make Goes?

Do They Get it ALL???

Why Do I Pay 6% ?

Listen as Melanie Lafferty De-Mystifies
Where The Commission Money Goes! 


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Melanie explains the importance of setting the right price when marketing your home from the beginning. By establishing the overlap area between what a seller is willing to sell for and what a buyer is willing to pay, we can identify the market value of your home. We list your home at the peak of this market value or "overlap".





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While it may seem early to be talking about the spring market - the leaves have JUST started turning after all! However - spring market is statistically the HOTTEST time to list your home. Watch this quick and informative 2 min video where Melanie Lafferty discusses the prime time to list your home and WHY enlisting the help of a qualified realtor BEFORE you list can save you THOUSANDS!






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What is a CMA



As realtors sometimes we get caught up in all the “lingo” that comes along with our line of work that we may forget our potential clients may not know exactly what we are talking about. I know I am guilty of it! let’s clear up what it means to get a “CMA” on your home.

A CMA stands for a competitive market analysis. In better explanation it is a helpful tool that can be used to help determine the list price of your house. Since no two properties are alike us as agents need to really take a good look around your home and then take all that information, pull other homes in the area that are active, sold or pending and come up with a ballpark number that we think

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Having an agent on your side is always a good idea when buying or selling your home. There are many tasks, contracts and processes to navigate throughout the sale or buying process. Having an experienced, knowledgable, and local agent on your side can save you thousands of dollars and hours of frustration! Check out this short clip highlighting just one of the many things an Agent from The Mason Team can do for you!

As always, if you have had any thoughts of buying or selling we would love an opportunity to earn your business! 

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Welcome to Kingston Grove! Cottage Grove's Newest Development! Fully Customizable Homes with the Model Home Open EVERY Weekend! Stop out and See Jeff or Tony and make YOUR dream home a reality!



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Hey clients, friends, future clients, and buyers everywhere....

Recently more and more I've seen buyers not wanting to pay for home inspections... personally I think this is stupid! Why not spend a couple hundred dollars to protect your couple hundred thousand dollar investment in your new house?!? Plus, if the inspector finds something wrong, its gives me a greater chance on being able to negotiate terms in which we can get the seller to make the repairs / fixes for you!!

Doesn't that sound nice! So, buyers, get your home inspections and get quality inspectors to do them!


Thanks for coming! 

As always call anytime for real estate advice!

Mark - The Mason Team

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8626 Isle Ave S Cottage Grove MN

See Melanie Lafferty's Hottest New Listing in a Fantastic Video Blog!

This Featured home is a spectacular 3 Bedroom,
2 bathroom 4 level home with an in-ground pool!

See more info in the video below!


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